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Volunteers make up the heart of Safe Families. We don’t simply need your support each month, we need you! Even if you don’t have a lot of time to donate, we have a role for you. If you would like to volunteer but aren’t quite sure which role is best for you, please fill out our General Volunteer Application and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch to talk through our roles.

How Can You Help Keep a Family Intact?

Host Families:

Host Families are the backbone of the Safe Families movement.

  • Welcome children from struggling families into their homes
  • Care for them while their parents work to resolve their crisis and get back on their feet.

To become a host family, please start by filling out this application:

Host Family Application Form

Parent Partner:

Build relationships with new, vulnerable parents to relieve social isolation

  • Commit to weekly check-ins by phone and in-person twice a month
  • Assist with babysitting for doctors/counseling appointments
  • Be a friend to talk to and lean on for support

To become a Parent Partner, please visit:

Parent Partner Application


Family Coach:

Family coaches help facilitate the relationship between the host family and the family in crisis.

  • Work closely with Safe Families staff to provide resources and community referrals to families in crisis
  • Give guidance and support to the host family

To become a Family Coach, please start by filling out this application:

Family Coach Application


Circles of Support:

Offer your time and talent to assist during a hosting

  • Offer meals for the host family
  • Assist with babysitting during a hosting
  • Help with transporting kids to visits
  • Help acquire needed tangible resources
  • Pray over the hosting

To become a Circles of Support volunteer, please start by filling out this application:

Be a Resource Friend


Family Friend:

Support parents in need to help them get back on their feet.

  • Offer mentor/coaching support
  • Job skills training
  • Financial coaching

To become a Family Friend, please start by filling out this application:

Family Friend Application



Serve in a variety of ways without being connected to a particular hosting or church

  • Assist with special events/projects
  • Help with Safe Families tabling and presentations
  • Office/team support

To become a Superhero, please start by filling out our general application:

Become a Super Hero

If you are interested in learning more about how you could be a part of Safe Families then please call 541-515-SAFE (541-515-7233) or fill out the form below.

Get Connected

I would like to learn more about how I can help keep children safe and families intact through the Safe Families Program

If you have any questions please contact Angela at AngelaA@cafeweb.com

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