The Simple Joy of Connection

The Simple Joy of Connection

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic Safe Families has been finding lots of creative ways to support families who may be struggling. One of the most practical ways has been to drop off diapers & wipes on families’ doorsteps. During one of these drops Mommy Mentor coordinator Sarah Halstead had a memorable experience.

“I missed mom as she was feeding their baby,” Halstead said, “but I did get to chat with the dad. We talked for 15 minutes, he in his doorway, and me in the middle of their front yard. The conversation ended, and I headed off to disperse more diapers. Later that night I received a text from that family’s mom. Our conversation went something like this:

“Thank you for the diapers!”

“You’re welcome! Sorry I missed you. Sounds like you guys are doing ok amidst all this crazy!”

“Yeah, but today was weird. It’s my birthday. My family tried to celebrate, but it wasn’t the same.”

“Oh Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn’t know; I would have brought you a cupcake.”

“That’s ok. If you do next time, I love chocolate.”

Chocolate cupcake on a plate

We texted back and forth for a while, exchanging birthday dreams & what not. It didn’t feel like much but when we both signed off with a “Good night, hope the baby sleeps!” text I felt a little lighter. A little less lonely. This mom had given me a gift by texting me a “thank you”. Her gratitude was great, but more than that, it was so nice to connect with another person and as a fellow mom of little ones it was nice to know someone else had been experiencing the same struggles as I have.”

Sometimes a simple text or phone call can make a huge difference in someone’s life as they feel connected, cared for and supported. Would you consider how you might be that connection to a new mom through Safe Families’ Mommy Mentors program?

You can visit Safe Families’ “Connecting During Quarantine” survey to sign up: . Whether you need help or are able to offer help, you could be a bright light for someone else. We’ve come a long way but we still have a long way to go. Though we are apart we can make it if we do it together.

Christy Silverthorne
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