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Check out our favorite resources for parenting.

TIPS Parenting Classes:

TIPS- True Insight Parenting Strategies is a FREE 10 week class for parents The course teaches skills for building life-long relationships. These tools can be applied to our children, partners, coworkers, or anyone we come into contact with. Core concepts of this series are Emotional Intelligence, Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), The Brain, Trauma, Empathy, and Conneting through play. These classes are held in local churches and offer childcare when available. To sign up visit the TIPS website

Parent-Child Connection:

Parent-Child Connection is a community based parenting class that takes place quarterly at various churches in Lane County. All parents are welcome and invited to attend. Classes are taught by CAFA therapists trained in child development, trauma, and group work. Click here for more information on locations, dates and registration.

Parents learn…

  • To communicate in ways that will strengthen the parent-child bond.
  • To identify each child’s unique needs and strengths.
  • To understand their child’s development.
  • To set limits without anger.
  • To identify emotions.
  • To self-regulate anger, fear, and frustration.
  • To encourage their children.
  • To use Collaborative Problem Solving.

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