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Feeling overwhelmed to meet the needs of your children?

Everyone needs support from time to time, especially parents. Safe Families for Children is a network of volunteers here to support you during this difficult time. And our number one goal is to keep your family intact.


Support can look different for every family. Maybe you are a new parent feeling overwhelmed by everything that comes with having a newborn and a mentor might be the right type of support? Or perhaps you need some daytime or overnight respite, where your children go with a host family for a few hours or few days?


Sign up for respite support here: Get Support


As the biological parent (or legal guardian) you maintain full custody of your children. And you are encouraged to participate in decisions regarding their care while they are being hosted. Our aim is to form a partnership between you and the volunteer families and see the Host Family as extended family for you. We are always striving to return kids to your care as soon as possible.


If you are a new parent (your child is under 2 years old), you are eligible for a Parent Partner who will mentor you, and support you in a variety of ways over the next year. For more information see our Parent Partner Page or reach out to us HERE.