Churches: Love in Action

Safe Families Churches are faith communities that support Safe Families for Children in Lane County as a mission of their church.

Safe Families is a movement of families, fueled by compassion and faith, who have opened their homes to care for children whose parents are struggling. By demonstrating Biblical hospitality, Safe Families returns the church to the forefront of caring for “orphans and widows.”

Through Safe Families for Children, your church can be putting its faith into action.

This video from a neighboring Safe Families chapter shares more about what the church model looks like:

Make a Difference

The Safe Families model is most successful when it is embraced and adopted by the local church. Churches of all sizes are necessary to provide for vulnerable children within our communities. Following is a list of possible opportunities for churches to participate in the Safe Families for Children movement:


Becoming a Safe Church: Manifesting the love and compassion of Christ by empowering, supporting, training and pastoring safe families within the Christian community.


Recruiting Safe Families Volunteers: Showing a promotional DVD during services, hosting informational tables, placing advertisements in bulletins and newsletters or on websites.


Development of Support Services: Identifying professionals and non-professionals to provide support services to those who care for children. In addition, procuring volunteer babysitting, respite care, and transportation services for host families.


Providing Resources: Help provide items for children placed within Safe Families. Including (but not limited to): diapers, formula, car seats, clothing, blankets, and other supplies that host families may need when children enter their home. Most children come into a Safe Families with very few supplies and personal possessions.

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Why the Church?

Safe Families for Children is a movement of compassion designed to reduce child abuse and return the church to the forefront of caring for children, as it has been throughout history.

For most of the country, the child welfare system is a relatively new model where the Government has been charged with the task of protecting children. Prior to this, the church and other faith-driven organizations were at the forefront of caring for vulnerable children. Church history is filled with accounts of believers taking in orphans, caring for the sick and the elderly and sheltering pilgrims. Today as resource limitations and legal constraints of the government restrict its ability to meet these needs the church is reemerging as a champion for vulnerable families.

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