A Grandma Just in Time

A Grandma Just in Time

The couple had recently moved to Eugene and lacked any community or family support. Without community or family close by, Kassandra and her husband became a part of the Nurse Family Partnership Program through Maternal Child Health. Kassandra’s nurse had heard about the Safe Families of Lane County’s Mommy Mentor program and asked her if she’d be interested. The young family agreed it could be helpful to have someone for support in their lives. Before a mentor could be introduced to them Kassandra went into labor and had their beautiful baby girl! Though baby was early she was healthy and strong and the family was able to come home. Not long after baby girl’s arrival, Kassandra’s husband needed to return to work. It was the perfect time for Kassandra’s mentor to step into their lives.

 Rosemary, our first Mommy Mentor, enthusiastically stepped in and got to know this beautiful young family. Through consistent, genuine care, Rosemary has not only provided the experience of being seen and known to mom and baby, but has truly become a part of this young family. She visits her young Mommy Mentee weekly and has helped her get connected to programs and community gatherings of young mothers in the community. She knows her Mentee’s daughter’s favorite toy and snacks. She knows how her Mentee takes her coffee and what she enjoys doing. Rosemary is more than a mentor – she is a surrogate grandmother and a true friend to this family.


Mommy Mentor Program:

Mommy Mentors are female volunteers from the community who check-in and meet with young moms a minimum of four times a month. These women provide emotional support and friendship through tangible service and encouragement. They may take a mom and her new baby to a doctors appointment, help them get out of the house for a walk, fold laundry, bring a meal or diapers, hold the baby so mom can rest, or just sit with mom and listen to the joys an anxieties of young motherhood. These mentors stand in when others are unable to.

If you are interested in becoming a “Mommy Mentor”, please visit: https://safefamilieslanecounty.org/mommy-mentor/

Christy Silverthorne
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